Committee Applications Now Open!

BURST Research Collaborative Committee applications are OPEN

Are you interested in being on a successful trainee-led UK based committee that produces high-quality collaborative international urological research?

General committee positions open: Deadline: 1st November 2018, 23:59

Following on from the success of our International 4000 patient MIMIC study (link) and 9000 patient IDENTIFY study (link), we are expanding and looking for several enthusiastic Urology trainees/fellows/doctors interested in Urology to join the committee.

Successful candidates would be involved in facilitating future BURST Collaborative Research Projects and Core Activities. You will not only gain skills in a number of key areas such as:

  • Research methodology
  • Study design
  • Statistics
  • Delivering clinical studies
  • Publishing papers

You would have a chance to contribute to and lead high quality research that may change clinical practice. You will be recognised for your work and will also have the opportunity to network with leading clinicians in British Urology.

We are looking for people who are able to get on well as part of a team, who are self-motivated to go the extra mile and who can contribute with their own ideas. An essential criterion is having time to dedicate to projects so dedicated academic time or being out of program for research, are highly desirable qualities. Previous experience in study design and delivery,  IT proficiency, specifically the ability to design websites and databases and fundraising from commercial and charity sponsors are desirable qualities. The above skills are not essential and it is envisaged that successful candidates will have opportunities to develop these skills during their time with BURST.

The post will be for up to 18 months subject to a 12-month review. Meetings are held approximately 4 times a year either over Skype or at the major UK conferences (e.g. BAUS, EAU, National Research Collaborative Meeting).  

If you would like to apply for a committee position please email a brief personal statement  strictly max 600 words) along with a 2 page CV to, outlining:

  1. Your current position (e.g. year of training, deanery, are you out of programme (please specify details)?)
  2. Why you are interested and your availability for BURST activities (e.g. half-day a week, weekends etc)
  3. What your research experience is to date (Involvement with research, Research skills, Research degrees, Formal methodology training, Key Publications, Key Presentations)
  4. Please specifically mention:
    1. If you are out of programme for research or have any dedicated time for academic work (specify details)
    2. If you are highly proficient in IT – e.g. database formation or website creation (please give further details i.e. html proficiency,, provide links to your previous websites)
    3. If you have previous experience in successfully raising money from Commercial sponsors / Charity
    4. If you have previously organised teams of people
    5. If you have been involved in BURST activities previously (specify role)

If you would like to apply for the medical student committee position please email a brief mandate (strictly max 1 A4 page) to, with subject ‘Medical Student Rep Application’, outlining:

  1. Why you are interested
  2. Your current year of study and medical school
  3. How you will ensure that you have time to commit to projects
  4. Any research experience to date (Involvement with research, research skills, research degrees, formal methodology training, any publications or presentations)
  5. Please specifically mention:
    1. If you are highly proficient in IT – e.g. database formation or website creation
    2. If you have been involved in BURST activities previously
    3. Your involvement in University Surgical Society activities
    4. Whether you have an interest in Urology as a career

If you would like to find out more about the role prior to applying, please email the same address with subject ‘Medical Student Rep Query’ and one of our former medical student reps will respond as soon as possible.


BURST Research Collaborative Committee