Current Projects

1.IDENTIFY Study – the Investigation and DEtection of urological Neoplasia in fast track paTIents reFerred with haematuria: a multicentre analYsis 
Lead Trainee
Mr Sinan Khadhouri

2. A multi-centre cohort study evaluating the role of inflammatory markers in patient’s presenting with acute ureteric colic
Lead Trainee
Mr Taimur Shah MBBS, BSc, MRCS
Urology SpR London
Research Fellow University College London

3. Systematic review on MRI-targeted prostate biopsy
Lead Trainee
Mr Veeru Kasivisvanthan
Urology SpR London
NIHR Doctoral Fellow, University College London

4. Peer Review Opportunities with the International Journal of Surgery (IJS), Annals of Royal College and European Journal of Surgical Oncology. 

If interested please email your CV attached.

5.  Systematic Review in Testicular Torsion 

6. British Journal Urology International (BJUI) / BURST Podcast Series

BURST are proud to be coordinating a BJUI / BURST podcast series summarising NICE guidance / updates. This is an outstanding opportunity for online publication for our members. If you are interested in completing a podcast for this series please click herefor further information and email with your CV and preference of article you would like to feature in your podcast.

Completed Projects 

Investigating the relationship between pre-operative patient anxiety and intra-operative surgical outcomes

Lead Trainee
Dr Alastair Lamb, MBChB, PhD, FRCS(Urol)
Clinical Lecturer & Honorary Urology SpR
Academic Urology Group, University of Cambridge Dept of Surgery & CRUK Cambridge Institute