IDENTIFY Medical Students

Following the success of our multi award-winning MIMIC study of over 4000 patients, BURST (British Urological Researchers in Surgical Training) are now looking for keen medical students to get involved with our next project!

What is it?

Our new IDENTIFY study will look at the investigation and detection of suspected urinary tract cancer in patients with haematuria. We’re excited about this study as it’ll be prospective, multi-centre, and is anticipated to include 5000 patients over 100 centres internationally. All medical students collaborators will receive PubMed-indexed collaborative authorship on all publications and presentations from this study, as well as the chance to get valuable hands-on experience in research!

What would I need to do?

Medical students will be supported by a doctor in their urology department, and will help collect the data of at least 50 patients undergoing flexible cystoscopy. This can be done after the clinic, and even if you’re not on a urology placement. This data will be uploaded to a central database, where we will analyse it and use it to help influence future practice.

What can you gain?

BURST gives medical students the opportunity to present at national and international conferences and for MIMIC (our last study), one of our medical students won a national prize.

We hope you’ll get involved!

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Medical Student Representative Chair
Chuanyu Gao, University College London
Medical Student Representative
Sacha Moore, Southampton University
Medical Student Representative
Lynsey Williams, St Georges, London
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