Medical Student Representative Application 2020

Medical Student Representative positions OPEN

Deadline: 23:59 Friday 15th May 2020

BURST plan

Following on from the IDENTIFY & MIMIC, we are looking for several enthusiastic medical students interested in urology to join the committee to assist with the running of our research collaborative and our 5 upcoming projects!

This will be a very rewarding role as you will not only gain skills in a number of key areas such as research methodology, study design, statistics, delivering clinical studies and publishing papers but you would have a chance to contribute to and lead high quality research that may change clinical practice and be recognised for this. You will also have the opportunity to network with leading clinicians in British Urology and have mentorship from the BURST family. This role will put you in a good position for future surgical job applications.

We are looking for applicants with excellent team-working skills, who are self-motivated to go the extra mile and who can contribute with their own ideas. An essential criterion is being excellent with IT as we increasingly incorporate new software into our projects. Applicants must be prompt with replying to communications, able to contribute at short notice, and work well within a team. Previous research experience is desirable, but not necessary. We encourage applicants in earlier years and/or with no research experience to apply.

The post will be for up to 18 months subject to a 12-month review. Meetings are held approximately 4 times a year either over Skype or at the major UK conferences (e.g. BAUS, EAU, NRCM).

If you would like to apply for a committee position please email a word document (strictly 1 side A4) to with the title of email, ‘Medical student rep application 2020’ outlining:  

  1. Your current year of study and medical school
  2. Why you are interested
  3. How you will ensure that you have time to commit to projects
  4. Any research experience is to date (Involvement with research, research skills, research degrees, formal methodology training, key publications, key presentations)

Please specifically mention:

  1. If you are highly proficient in IT e.g. database formation or website creation
  2. If you have been involved in BURST activities previously
  3. Your involvement in university surgical society activities
  4. Whether you are interested in urology as a career

BURST Research Collaborative Committee