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Advertise a survey on the BURST network

If you simply would like BURST to advertise a survey, please complete the form below. We are willing to consider advertising short surveys with clear aims. We prioritise surveys that we feel are clinically or educationally important. We advertise a maximum of 1 survey per month. We apologise that we cannot approve every survey request. Please do place your request several months in advance as there may be a waiting list. For any presentations or publications that result from a survey that we advertise, we would ask that BURST be mentioned in the acknowledgements.

BURST Survey Dissemination Application Form

Advertise an opportunity on the BURST network

We can advertise opportunities that fit in with our organisational aims to our BURST network. Typical examples include research opportunities, job opportunities or courses. It should be clear how trainees can benefit from the opportunity. Please contact us on bursturology@gmail.com to discuss further.


We welcome collaboration with other individuals, organisations or collaboratives that fit in with our aims as an organisation.

Please contact bursturology@gmail.com to discuss further.