Interest has been unprecedented: over 160 centres in 32 countries across 6 continents have registered, which emphasises the importance of this project.

How to get involved:

  1. Registration survey
    • European / Australasian / North American continents: complete the survey HERE to complete your registration
    • Asian / African / South American continents:complete the survey HERE to complete your registration
  2. You will receive confirmation email from us with documents and instructions, complete them in order to register your site.
  3. Register for our online database (Redcap) and receive your login details
  4. Follow @BURSTurology on Twitter for regular updates
  5. Start entering data for patients with haematuria (or other presentations) that you investigate at your site
  6. Enter the follow up data on your patients (Imaging/ TURBT/pathology results)
We are very excited to announce that formal registration for IDENTIFY has now opened. Interest has been unprecedented: over 100 centres across 16 countries have pre-registered, which emphasises the importance of this project. You have an opportunity to contribute to this global effort to improve the way that we diagnose urothelial cancer and be recognised for it with Pubmed Indexed collaborator authorship. If you wish to take part in IDENTIFY, you are required to complete the steps below:
  • To register, fill out the relevant 5-minute survey (link above) to give details of your hospital and name, as well as all other collaborators who are helping to collect data in your hospital. We only need one survey completed per site. Therefore please check if anyone else from your site has registered so that you can coordinate with them and decide who will be the main corresponding collaborator (email us if unsure). We may need to share your email address with the collaborators from your site if you have not been successful in contacting one another – please let us know if you object to this. You will also be required to give the name of a supervising consultant/attending, as well as answer some questions about routine practice in your hospital.
  • Please remember that we require a minimum of 50 patients’ data per centre to qualify for PubMed Indexed authorship and will recognise up to two collaborators per site for these 50 patients. We encourage you to work together in teams to make data collection easier and quicker. We will additionally recognise a single supervising consultant/attending as a Pubmed Indexed collaborator. From the date that you start the data collection at your site, you will have up to 10 weeks to collect the data for 50 patients. In a second phase approximately 3 months later, you will be required to check your results system and enter any pathology results for patients undergoing procedures.
  • If there are more than 2 people per site who want to take part, don’t worry – we allow more than 2 collaborators, though a further 25 patients’ data will be required for every extra collaborator. Please note: the highest recruiting individuals will be invited on the writing committee. Higher recruiting collaborators will also be given preference to present the work at international conferences and the more you recruit the closer to the start of the collaborator line you’ll be.
  • For collaborators in the UK – register the project with your local audit department as a service evaluation and send us the registration number. If your department does not give out registration numbers, an email confirming that they are happy for you to go ahead or confirming that registration is not necessary is ok and should be emailed to us.   In the UK we have written confirmation that this project does not require ethical approval and qualifies as a service evaluation (see pdf links at the bottom of the OVERVIEW section – HRA decision tool and email from NHS clinical research advisor from the index hospital’s Research & Development team). We can also email you a protocol which may help with obtaining approvals /emails if needed.
  • For collaborators outside of the UK – as this project is an observational evaluation of practice where anonymised data routinely collected as part of clinical practice is being recorded, this technically does not count as research and most centres may not need ethical approval. Please do consult your local R&D department and/or national coordinator if you need clarification. We are happy to offer advice too. Please send us any registration numbers for your site or emails confirming you have permission to go ahead with the project, if available from your local department. We can email a protocol which may help with obtaining approvals if required.
  • Once we have received the completed survey from your hospital we will send out a username and password for REDCap, which is the online data collection tool you will be using. Further information on how to collect data on REDCap will also be sent at this stage.

Please see the IDENTIFY FAQs section of our website and email us if you have any outstanding questions.