MIMIC Spontaneous stone passage calculator

MIMIC was a multi-centre cohort study assessing the predictors of spontaneous stone passage amongst 4171 patients in 71 sites across 7 different countries in 6 months.

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Following the results from MIMIC, the impact of these predictors on the probability of spontaneous stone passage was analysed. Logistic regression was employed to achieve corrected beta-coefficients for each predictor’s impact on probability of spontaneous stone passage.
This formed the basis for constructing this risk calculator. We hope that this will aid clinical decision-making when treating patients with acute ureteric colic.

Neutrophil Count (10^9/L) 0
Hydroureter ?
Hydronephrosis ?
Medical Expulsive Therapy ?
Stone Size/mm
< 5
> 7
Stone Position ?
Lower Ureter
Middle Ureter
Upper Ureter
Probability of spontaneous stone passage:

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Disclaimer: The MIMIC Spontaneous Stone Passage (SSP) Prediction calculator provides an estimated prediction for SSP based on collected multi-centre data. This nomogram is an adjunctive tool developed to guide patient counselling on the predicted probability of SSP. It should not be used in isolation but as part of an overall decision-making process involving multidisciplinary professionals. Interpretation of the nomogram output has to be taken in context of the following limitations; (1) it does not define probability thresholds to perform interventions; (2) it does not provide estimations on time to SSP; (3) it does not detail the opportunity cost (i.e. risk of complications from intervening or additional resource use) associated with treatment strategy at each prediction point; (4) it has been developed and temporally validated on a dataset with cases only from UK, Australia, Ireland and New Zealand. External validation in an independent population will be a future study. BURST Urology is not responsible for decisions made by healthcare professionals or patients and consequential outcomes through the use of this prediction calculator.

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